Anand Kumar – The Super Mathematician

Anand Kumar Biography

Anand Kumar - The Super Mathematician

Anand Kumar was born in Patna, Bihar. He is the founder of Super-30. He started Super-30 and this super-30 results made Anand super mathematician. Anand Kumar is a versatile mathematician on whom entire india prouds. A bollywood movie describes his life has been directed.

Anand Kumar was born in very poor family. His parents however managed to get him educated. He was labourios child who labored hard and get educated. Initially his condition was pathetic. One day he thought to start a coaching.

He began to teach some students. Then he opened a coaching named Super-30. Super-30 is dedicated to poor or economically weak students. Students come in Super-30 and guided by Anand Kumar. They get success in IIT-JEE. Anand Kumar as well as some other scholars teach in this coaching. This Super-30 is famous for giving huge results in IIT-JEE.

Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar Super 30


Anand Kumar  a Super Mathematician, Founder of Super-30 has achieved prestigious award till date. He got S. Ramanujan Award in the year 2010, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Shiksha puraskar in the same year. The time magazine ha placed him in the list of Best of Asia 2010. In 2018 he secured Global Education Award. It was said Anand was very good by nature since his childhood.  He secured his admission in Cambridge university but he didn’t go to London because that time his father expired.

After the death of his father. Anand began to sell papad in Patna in evening and teaching in day time.

It is rightly said:-

                     “Life is Struggle.”

Anand Kumar Quates

Finally, the struggle of Anand was recognized. He got name anf fame around the world. America and other countries invited Anand for citizenship but Anand refused them. Anand is the son of soil, the son of india. How he will get another country citizenship? He has respect for his soil, his nation.

          Bollywood director Vikash Bahl director a film based on Anand Kumar struggles in which Hritik Roshan has acted as Anand kumar. This movie name is Super-30 (2019).

          Discovery Channel has made a documentary on him and also telecasted it in the year 2018. Recently, The president of India Ramnath Kovind awarded him with “Rastriy Bal Kalyan Award”.


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