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Hey Readers! I’m Sumit Welcome to BiharVibes Interview. Hope, all of you are doing good in your life. In our first se we have Neyeeemur Rahman.

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Plz Introduce yourself to our valuable readers

I am Nayeemur Rahman. I am a Traveler, Photographer and Graphic Designer is known for street photography, collecting from different corners of India. Till now I have covered 97 cities from 21 states of India. I am also running the blog I share a diverse range of travelogues, travel tips and photography shots through both my blog and my Instagram account (@streets_traveler ) where I have amassed over 3,600 followers.
I was born on July 30, 1995 in Patna. My photos are famous for the street shots I take in my city Patna and have been published on many reputed Instagram accounts like @india_undiscovered , @travelbugindia , @patnabeats , @bihar_se_hai , @amazing_bihar_jharkhand etc.

Tell us something about your education?

I am a student of mechanical engineering.

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How did you get into travel blogging?

At the time when I was in 11th standard, i went to delhi for an exam, that was my first city, outside of Bihar, and there I observed that by traveling only one night the language and the tone of an auto drivers changes. Actually they were talking in dilli tone. That made me surprised so I decided to explore this beautiful world.

Why do you love travel?

Because I mate with the original diversity of the world, whether it is languages, foods, colors, different faces, climate, and most important different – different stories from every corner of this world. These are the things which always bound me with travel and destinations.

Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to?

Every place has there unique styles, and cultures but the behavior what I was observed in gujarat was very different.

What you think about travelling in Bihar?

This is my favorite question, because I always suggest everyone who are from bihar to explore our state. There are many thing like waterfalls like pachmarhi, lakes like nanital, hills like lonavla, fort like gwalior, tomb like fatehpur, stones river like dharmshala, forest safari like kaziranga, and many more, which anyone can’t believe, but yes these exists in Bihar. Bihar have the property that can turn into best tourism spot of the country but we and the govt should advertise this as much as possible.

Tell us about a really interesting person you met on your trip.

On my Gujarat trip, when I was in the way to runn of kutch, I was doing hitchhiking, so one person named Manzoori Ali Mutwa give me the lift and he droped me 30kms to runn of Kutch, actually his mud art shop was over there! So they also live there! So he gifted me there art, and give me shelter and food for one night, and right now I’m in touch with that guy.

Can you share a moment that you’ve experienced a surprise on your travels?

All of my journey are always surprising. Because I always visit new places everytime, never goes second time, unless its worthy!

What are the most important lessons you have learned about yourself on your travels?

Number one, the world is very big and your aggression and jealousy is too small, so don’t waste your time and energy in these shit, spread love and respect to everyone! And the second is when you are in travel talk with the strangers then you found is everyone has there own problem and the sad and good Story so don’t blame your self always, where ever you go everyone is feeling the same.. So don’t feel destructive and starts your new day! And third one is when you are in solo budget trip then you will learn how to survive and adjust your money, and time. Traveling makes you a punctual person.

At last, What is your favourite photo from your travelling bucket?

All are my favorite one because every photo has their own long story. But still that m underwater photo of scuba diving is my favorite one.




Nayeemur RAHMAN


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