How to Prepare for UPSC ?

How to Prepare for UPSC

How to Prepare for UPSC ?

UPSC stand for union public service commission.UPSC is situated in Delhi.UPSC conduct examination every year to select candidates for 23 posts.IAS, IPS,IAS,IRS,IFOS and soon.Among 23 posts two posts are powerful and well respected. These two posts are IAS & IPS.

In this article I am going to tell you the rules and procedures through which you can crack UPSC and become IAS. Below are the secrets of How to crack UPSC :-

  1. 10 to 14 hour regular study a year.

  2. Right notes books and study material.

  3. Self-motivation.

  4. Keepsyllabus in hand

If you want to crack IAS?If you want to get IAS, IPS rank, you need to follow above three keys. These three keys are get way to crack UPSC and get selected as IAS,IPS,IRS,IFOS etc. To become an IAS you must have regular study planning, right materials and self-motivation. If you have qualified your graduate examination. Then you are eligible for appearing in UPSC examination.

I am going to tell you about the Eligibility Criteria of UPSC :-

  1. Should be a graduate in any subject.

  2. Should be an Indian citizen.

  3. Should be sound mind.

You need to quality graduation examination from any UGC recognized colleges, institutions and university in any stream, you are not mador unsound minded. Then you can apply for UPSC and get selected.If you are handicapped, you are also eligible. Blind, dwarf, otheretc. categories candidates can sit in UPSC examination and get selected. Only that candidates can’t be selected that is mad or unsound minded. A part from madness there is no hindrance in selection. Now you have known two things:-

How to prepare IAS or How to crack UPSC ?

What are the eligibility criteria to crack UPSC ?

Let’s discuss the below points in details.

1. How to start preparing UPSC ?

2. When to start preparation for IAS ?

3. Dose one need to join coaching?

4. Can one prepare self?

5. How many hours one should study?

6. Which books, materials are good to crack UPSC?

7. How to get motivated to crack IAS?

8. How many subjects are to be read?


1. How to start preparing UPSC ?

If you have good will to crack UPSC? If you want to get success in this examination if you want to make your parents fell proud on you. You have to start preparingfromtoday. Yes from today. Today is the best day to start preparation.If you have passed your bachelor degree then you can start preparing it. If you have not passed bachelor degree, you are in first, second or third yearThen you may also start yours preparation. B.A, B.SC, B.COM, B.CA, B.TECH and all other background students who have passed or have started their study,Can start preparation. You need here to start self-study first for few months.

2. When to start preparation for IAS ?

       If you have started self-preparation for few months. You will have made your habit of 10 to 14 hour study. If you have become habituated to get focused 10 to 14 Hour on study a day. Its good, if you have not able to manage 10 hours regularly, then you need to develop your habit by 14 hours per day reading. If you study 3Monthcontinuously i guarantee you, you will be habituated and you can be able to follow 10 to 14 hours study plan regularly.  The answer of this question when to start preparing for IAS is when you have habituated to study 10 to 14 hours every day. It has been observed that you the short preparation but they fail to manage study 10 to 14 hours a day on regular basis. They become busy in watching TV, films, Cricket, girlfriend entertainment, birthdaycelebrationand so on.

3. Dose one need to join a coaching?

I will tell you 50% yes and 50% no. 50% yes join the coaching.If you are unable to study self, you are unable to understand the syllabus self, then you can join a good coaching.

50% No, don’t join coaching if you are able to understand thesyllabus by self-reading. If you are wise to understand book, magazines by self-study, no need to join coaching at all. If you don’t have lakhs of rupees to pay coaching, you cannot join. You can purchase standard book, NCERT book, IGNOU notes from marketor can get delivered booking amazon online ecommerce site. All books are available on amazon. You can purchase then, get delivered at home and stand reading.Kindlebook are eBooks available on amazoneBook are cheaper than handbooks. You can read eBooks on downloading as app through play store: – Kindle Reader app.

If you have laptop or tab, it is suitable for you. You can go anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to carry heavy weight BookeBook are even 70% cheater paperback books.

4. Can one prepare self ?

Yes! One can prepare self and get success in UPSC examination. Many toppers have revealed this truth that they started care paring self and within a Year, in first attempt many of them have been selected as IAS, IPS. First, you need to purchase all subject NCERT book from 6th class to 12th class. Read this book first and revise once.

Secondly, you need to purchase some Standard books like M.Laxmikanta, Jain and Mother etc. books. Read once entire book topic wise. Revise them once.You have now completed 2nd step of reading.


Third, you need to purchase some magazines for current issues/ affairs. You can read by visiting some website of many coaching provides current affairsFree of cost. You no need to buy magazine if you study online. You can save your money here too. But if you want to read offline. You can purchase magazine like CSIR, Pratiyogita Darpan, Chronicle and so on. Even you can prepare Current event reading the Hindu English newspapers. Make notes of important topic in copy reading Hindu paper. Read editorial think over it and prepare well in mind what the editor has said? What are the positive, negative consequence is? You can read The Hindu even offline.

Fourth, you need to prepare paper 1, CSAT. For CSAT you can prepare by reading one book combine or you may read part wise. CSAT contains so questions. Maths,Reasoning,General English, aptitude question are asked. I will discuss you further about preparing CSAT and other paper of GS in next step.

5. How many hours one should study?

10 to 14 hours dailyat least 10 months. Minimum read 10 hour and maximum read 14 hours.


6. Which books, material are good to crack UPSC?

These are books
1.     NCERT all subject (History, polity, science, economic, geography, math) 6th standard up to 12th class level.
2.     Polity by M.Laxmikantha      
3.     Economic by Uma Kapila
4.     History (Ancient) by Ramsharan Sharma
5.     History (Modern) by Bipin Chandra
6.     History (medieval ) by Satish Chandra
7.     History (World History) by Jain and Mathur
8.     Basic Geography by Goah leong
9.     World Geography by R.Khuller
10.  Science and technology by kiran experts
11.  Internal security &cyber-crime by
12.  Environmental science by P.d Sharma
13.  The Hindu paper
14.  Magazine or online for current affairs
15.  Diamond Samanya Adhyayan by Wakil Kumar Yadav
16.  Basic objective for practice (DiamondSamanyaAdhyayan)
17.  Syllabus of UPSC by Wakil Kumar Yadav.

7. How to get motivated to crack IAS?

For motivated always think positive everyday think that you are going to win. You are going to become IAS.Don’t argue with negative minded people Delete negative minded people from your contact but don’t talk them.Even don’t care what they are thinking about you. Every dayis focused on study. Keep syllabus in hand. See the topic.Find in books and start reading. Make bold the key lines. Revise every month those you have finished by reading.Revision will get you feel confident and more knowledgeable for motivation; you can need this below books.This book has been read by 7200 readers within a month. This book will give you vision. How to study, when to study, what to study, how much study? How to remember fast, How to read books fast with accurate leaning.
Book- Kisi bhi pariksha me safalta kaise paye by Wakil kumar YadavPhDfrom Mahatma Gandhi central university Bihar.

8. How many Subjects to be read?

For UPSC examination there are three steps PT, Mains and Interview. PT requires two papers, Mains requires 7 papers. You need to prepare all the topics given by UPSC. For this keep syllabus always in your hand. Syllabus has been designed by a mixture of subjects questions are asked from diversified areas.
But if you talk about subjects. There are many History, Geography, Polity, Constitution, Science, English, Mathematics, Statics, Current events, Political Science and technology etc.

PT contains two Papers:-

1. Paper 1 (General Awareness) 200 Marks
2. Paper 2 (SAT) 200 Marks
For PT you need to prepare these two papers.
These two papers, preparation requires history, polity, geography, constitution,science, math, reasoning, comprehensions, current events etc. for syllabus you are advised to purchase this book from amazon or Flipkart.
This book is 100% according to upsc latest Syllabus.

UPSC Syllabus by Wakil Kumar Yadav.

  For PT preparation you are advised to read factual. Facts are always asked in paper1. Prepare current affairs well of 1 years. 32 to 35 questions out of 100are asked from current events of 1 year for paper1; practice more and more objective question.  For this you can take help of online or offline Test series provided by a good coaching of your state.
  For paper2, you need to develop your Englishgrammar, comprehensions,math,reasoning and aptitude based question. Practice objective comprehension. Solve mathematics and reasoning question. English is asked up to 10th standards for grammar and comprehension, you can purchase this grammar books.

Diamond English Grammar

 This book is available on Flipkart, amazon. You may choose even other Grammar book of good reputes.

Writer:- Wakil Kumar Yadav


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