Interview with Indian Digital Marketer Pranav Jha

Indian Digital Marketer Pranav Jha

Hey Readers! I’m Sumit. Again, welcome to Bihar Vibes Interview. Hope, all of you are doing good in your life. In our today’s interview se we have Pranav Jha who belongs from Madhubani Bihar and now rocking in the field of Digital Marketing India. He is also Co-Founder of PIMS and Founder of apwebworld . so without wasting time start talk with who elevates Bihar’s name in the world.

Let’s Start ……….

Please, introduce yourself to our valuable readers?

I am Pranav Jha, a Digital Marketing professional with expertise in Google ads, speaker, blogger, and run my Digital Marketing Agency & Institute. I have worked with more than 550+ global clients, taught more than 5000+ students and helped startups and businesses in growing.  

Tell us something about your education and family background?

Yes, I was born in Bihar. But I was brought up and educated in Punjab. My family is from Bihar and they shifted in Punjab when my age was around 8 years. I have listened to thousands of stories about motherland from parents. So, I have experience in both Bihari and Punjabi culture. I use to Visit Bihar on regular basis as our routes are very strong and still most of the family members staying in Bihar. I have done B.Tech in Computer Science and have successfully built my career as a Digital Marketing professional after doing several developments and testing related jobs in first phase of my career.

Pranav Jha PIMS Co-Founder
Pranav Jha Digital Marketer Bihar

What you think about Bihar is there any difference in Bihar and other states?

Undoubtedly, the Youth of Bihar is rising. They are more educated today; take on new challenges, and settling in modern cities. Education is one of the main differences, along with the professional approach that separates youth from Bihar from other states. Still, I would like to add, the gap is now too narrow, and we might see a change in the next generation. I am associated with business since 2013 so I have met lot of other business owner from my hometown and I have seen lot of passion and zeal to achieve something in their life. 

Have you any interesting story about Bihar and you are missing this in Delhi?

Several things actually, my elder brother (Kaushal Jha) and I did study from same college and I have recalled all the memoires during these 4 years of education. Especially we use to do Myntra chanting during evening time ( in Childhood as grandfather use to teach us) and that moment use to be divine. My routes are from Mithilancal and I hardly missed any special moment like Bhoj, Marriages, food of Bihar and culture of bihar (Someone from Mithila can easily recall it). Maithali language, pure air, greenery, water pound and culture are the main things that I miss most living in Delhi. 

Tell us in short how did you come into this career?

Since my college days, I wanted to build my own agency and when the opportunity came. I grabbed with both hands. Things started on different note and struggle but things become better with adding values into professional life. Digital Marketing is one of the most promising fields today, with all brick and mortar stores now transforming into online platforms.


Which was the turning point in your life?

In the early phase, I was more inclined towards web development. But changing to digital marketing added more perspective to my profile. And then joining the Digital marketing institute, PIMS was a dream comes true as I always want to teach and train more people. 

 I always wanted to motivate the next generation and use my skills to drive the next generation of marketing professionals. 

Within a short span of time, you rocked in the field of Indian Digital marketing, how did you Achieve it?

Though there were some struggles in the beginning, still Digital marketing suited my skills, and a professional approach helped me to grow my vibrant career and explore new horizons. Someone who knows me can better tell about success but I feel I am going well and there is lot to achieve in life.

Any Marketer, Quotes or Person who have inspired you the most?

I admire a lot of personalities in my life. I believe in continuous hard work and learning.

I admire the vision of Steve Jobs and his creativity to lead from the front. In India I feel Mukesh Ambani have set standard for youths and even during Lockdown and bad time he have shown path of success. From my Digital marketing field, I like the way Yogesh Thakur built his career as Digital Marketer and he have helped me in growing and learning.

Did you face any problem with starting a career as a Digital Marketer? Because in Bihar, every family wants the competitive exam is best for a career?

Yes, in Bihar, everyone is looking to opt for competitive exams and serve at the top hierarchy level. But with the change, several new prospects are emerging. As a Digital marketing professional, yes, the first few years were tough and a lot of strains. But with experience, now I have handled more than 500 clients globally, connected with top organizations around the world, and participated in several global events. This have given confident to my parents also as they are seeing everything and understanding potential of it.

At last any message/suggestion for upcoming students who want to freelance or making carrier in the field of IT & Marketing?

Young graduated might feel tough as COVID 19 has gripped the economies around the world. But last two months there has been an unprecedented rise as more and more businesses are now investing to stay competitive in the markets. People are adapting online medium to promote and market their stuff. 

Freelancing is a great way to meet and connect with different personalities from your field. Not only freelancing there are 100’s of other opportunities. 

IT has grown heap and bounds in the last few years. As marketing never ends, Digital marketing will evolve to bring newer technological aspects and future remains secure for years.  


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