Bihar’s Daughter Maithili Thakur

Bihar's Daughter Maithili Thakur

Bihar's Daughter Maithili Thakur

A young singer whose voice is echoing all over the world today, her voice is very melodious, today the whole world is crazy about her voice.
Yes, today we are talking about Bihar’s daughter Maithli Thakur’s first Rising Star Season 1, which made her mark in the world at the age of 18 years.
Maithili’s musical journey began in 2011, when she appeared on a reality show called Little Champs, aired on Zee TV.
Although he had done many shows before,
Maithli’s two brothers Rishabh and Ayachi, Maithli programs with both his brothers, Maithli is older than his brothers, he has done more than five hundred shows.
Maithali was born on 25 July 2000 in Benipatti, a small village in Madhubani district of Bihar.
His father Ramesh Thakur is also a musician. Maa Bharti Thakur is a housewife.
  Maithli Thakur’s father Ramesh Thakur recognized his daughter’s talent, and he moved to Delhi with his entire family to introduce his daughter to the world of music.
His father taught his children higher education in Delhi, he himself taught music to his three children, father Ramesh Thakur learned music from his father and grandfather and gave the same education to his three children.
Maithili Thakur
In the first video of Maithali Thakur, which became the most viral, in the video, father Ramesh Thakur is seen sitting behind his three children and playing Jhal and Dhol.
Maithili Thakur is dominated on social media, she always comes live on Facebook and narrates the song to her fans, her fans also like it
Maithili Thakur studied very well.  Studied at the school ARSD Dhaulakuan.  Maithili Thakur scored 90 percent in high school and 85 percent in 12th standard.  Due to greater interest in music, they are no longer paying much attention to studies.


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