Places To Visit In Bihar

places to visit in bihar

There are innumerable sites in Bihar which can be visited by the tourist.Apart from Patna, which is the capital city here ,there are many appealing and spiritual places that are located in this holy state.It is the birth place of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira as well. Some of the places of importance of Bihar are as follows:-


This is called as the land of fair, Festival,and celebrations.Here world class Mela is held around November.It is located almost 25 km away from Patna.


It is one of the holiest land associated with Lord Buddha.He got enlightened here only and gave the world a great religion named Buddhism.Mahabodhi Temple here is also the eminent place of worship.


It is located almost 90 km away from Patna city.Here Nalanda University is known to be the most important centres of Buddhist learning since ancient times.Along with this Surya temple, Hieun Tsang Memorial Y’all which is only for Chinese Traveller etc. Keep it’s own importance.


It is the most beautiful place surrounded by a Dense forest cladding a small hill town that was once known to be the capital of Magadha Mahajanapada.Here, Buddha spent many years of his life and delivered sermons too.It is an important pilgrimage destination of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.


Some of the excavations done here revealed the ruins of vikramshila University which was founded earlier by king Dharampalam It is considered as one of the ancient University of India.


It is a house for grand and gorgeous tomb of Sher shah ,as he was the man known for building the Grand Trunk Road covering the whole of North India.It is located around 148 km away from Patna city.


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